Stories, Tips on Tomato Gardening/Desiree M

by Desiree M
(Wahiawa, HI, United states)

The Topsy Turvy tomato planter was always an intrigue to me. There was never a lot of yard space in my gardens due to the fact that I usually lived in apartments. Being a hobby gardener (as best I could be) the chance of success was high for such a simple concept.

Tomatoes generally don't like touching the ground. One reason being that it has so much access to pests and you're only relief in some areas is to use bug spray. This always made me nervous due to the fact that I disliked eating such harsh chemicals. The second is that tomato plants like to take on a life of their own. They grow in so many directions that it's hard to keep them caged if you're not watching.

The Topsy Turvy allowed my tomato plants the freedom to "go wild" in their suspended state. I've have a higher yield of tomato crop every year since.

Not mentioning the ease of this very inexpensive little product is also a crime. For $2o, a small tomato plant and a bag of good quality potting soil I am set to go. I only have to water daily. It's so easy that I can even trust my husband, with his black thumbs and all, to take care when I'm not around to tend to my garden. I'm not really sure how the typical home gardener did without this great accessory.

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