Starting A Garden

by Kyle
(Williamston, Michigan)

Three Steps To A Garden

Growing a vegetable garden can be a fun and rewarding activity that can save you money and your health. If you are a first time gardener, there are a few basic points to remember when starting a garden. You have to decide on what types of plants that you would like and/or can grow in your area, the soil type that you have and how big of a garden that you want to grow. These are three very important basic aspects to growing a vegetable garden.
First, there are many varieties of vegetables out there that will grow in a variety of climates. From tomatoes to green beans. They will grow, but you should check with your local garden shop or the back of the seed packet to determine the growing conditions required for the vegetables.

Many of the vegetables can be grown in the ground, containers or raised beds. You also should decide whether or not you will be starting the plants from seed and then transplanting them, sowing them directly in the soil or buying already started plants from a store.

Buying already started plants from the store is the most expensive, but also the quickest way to get your garden started. I like to do a combination of all three to get my garden going every year. Also keep in mind that frost is an important factor. Some seeds can be planted before the last frost, but most after the last frost. Check with your local garden club or other guru to determine when the safest time to plant your garden is.

Soil type is very important. Some plants like well drained soil and others are not so picky. Here in my section of Michigan where I grow my garden we have a silty, sandy, clay soil that holds water well, but is not that aerated. I had to add a decent amount of peat moss, compost and sand to make the soil just drainable enough while still able to hold water. Overall you want a balance between drainability and water holding capacity.

Finally, you have to decide what size of garden you want. You don’t want a huge one, especially if you are starting out as a new gardener, which you will spend all day in when you could be doing other things. The size of your garden may also be limited depending on its location in relation to how much sunlight it will be getting. Also depending on what the spacing requirements of your plants are you may have to increase or decrease the size of your garden accordingly.

Growing a garden for the most part is a fun and simple way to improve your health and save some money of groceries. You just have to decide on what type of vegetables that you want to and can grow, your soil type and the size of your garden. Finding the correct balance amongst these three things is pretty important to having a successful garden.

Once you figure it out you’ll be very happy!!!

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