Square Foot Aquaculture?

by Jeff

Has anyone developed an innovative method of combining Mel's method with aquaculture? Granted the fish waste needs to go through a medium to convert to plant nutrients but it just seems to me there are some efficiency to gain thinking along Mel's approach. I see that the diatom booster Nualgi helps fish AND organic gardening. Now I just need an easy way to containerize it all for a total meal!

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Ways I have used Fish waste in my garden for years, Shockingly! NEW
by: Suzette Trimmer

Decades ran from shop to shop when fish tanks were cleaned.If your thinking what a mess & worst smell beyond imagination,and asking yourself why. I did it for the free fish waste. I let it settle for several days & used only the concentrated bottom materials. Put all of those in 1, five gallon tub w/lid. I would then used this gunk for all my tropicals which flourished tremendously from this waste. I did nothing special, it sat outside turned it upside down every other day, was extent to my preparation.
Now I am getting involved with growing basil with fish thriving below in large fresh water tanks. The demand for my basil is huge but the demand for the fish is competitive amongst restaurants here in Philadelphia. Due to the basil flavored fish.
I am so happy to know there is an appreciation for fish and the garden hand in hand.

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