Size of Containers

by Randy R Rood
(Clarksville, TN)


How large a container should one use when planting a container garden? I have some rhubarb sets (2) and I want to plant them in containers. What size should I buy? Also what size should one buy for tomatoes, or green beans or okra or onions and the like?
What kind of soil should I use?


Great question!! With a container garden in mind, any size of container will long as the amount of plants going in aren't over crowded. Real small plants would do fine in a 12" pot. But something like tomatoes will need a lot more space.

Tomato containers.

That's the hard part. I would say with tomato plants, a good size would be one that is at least 16" in diameter and around 16" deep. I would go as far as saying with any of the vegetables you mentioned above, the bigger the better. Anything under 16" would probably just be too crowded for the plants once the root system began too expand.

As far as the soil is concerned, can't go wrong with miracle grow potting mix (not moisture control). I've used it for years, and have always had peace of mind when using it for vegetables!!

Hope this helps and good luck!!

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