Simple Tips For Tomato Gardening

I think the best tips that I have are commonly known...but sometimes over-looked by newbies.

Whether or not you plant your tomatoes in a garden or in a container, watering and FULL sun are absolute musts.

I know someone who is using tomatoes in a pot, but they have them in low light. The plant is struggling to survive.

I try to get mine in a place where the sun is hitting them for about 6 hours. If you can get them in sun for longer than that.....all the better.

I've also hooked up a watering system I got from Wal-Mart that was around $30.00. I put it on a timer, and now with the small soaker hoses that were included in the package deal, I don't have to worry about the plants lacking in water...or me forgetting to water them. I have it come on for a half an hour in the morning, and one hour in the evening.

Last I checked, the plants were nearing six feet tall.

Hope this helps someone!

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