Simple is Perfect-Tomato Gardening

by Cody Johnson
(Bowling Green, Ky, USA)

You do not need top of the line potting soil, the best plants, or the most expensive pots, tools, and gardening accessories available to have an incredible garden. You’ll find that a little thrift goes a long way. As far as buying tomato plants, you can ask around to your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and I’m sure some of them may have existing seeds they aren’t using.

Also, be mindful of Farmer’s Markets and local stores in the area that may have somewhat of a plant selection that won’t drain your wallet.

Also, when it comes time to using potting soil, you don’t have to load your plants up with expensive nutrients, fertilizer, or anything cutting-edge, all you need is basic soil, occasional water, and sunlight. You might find it easier also to shop at places like Ikea that have bigger selections of potting accessories on sale.

When it comes time for staking your tomato plants, you don’t have to use store-bought twine, dowel rods, or any sort of industry products. Materials like old shoe-laces, string (that doesn’t cut into the plant) and any type of sturdy stick will work. I find it best to look for recently fallen twigs after a storm.

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