Seeds of Change Organic Heirloom Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Many cherry tomato growers say that most of the tomatoes never really get to the salad as the gardener would pop them straight into his mouth right after picking.

The same can be said if you grow the Seeds of Change Certified Organic Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato.

You will get 1-2 inch big, irresistibly cute, pear-shaped yellow tomatoes.

It has a less acidic, mild, slightly sweet flavor you will surely love. The seeds are 100 percent certified organic and free of GMOs, chemicals and pesticides.

They are perfect for salsas, pizza toppings, pickled, or even as a healthy alternative to your afternoon snack.

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Tested: The seeds are independently tested for high germination rates and purity. They are guaranteed to meet or even exceed federal standards

Long shelf life: The seeds are hermetically packaged in a re-sealable bag to give them longer life and maintain higher germination rates

Abundant: The packet contains 50 seeds to keep those Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato growing in your garden

Ideal for children: Kids adore these tomatoes for their whimsical pear shape and yellow color. You might even get to have the youngsters eat them as they do not have that strong acidic flavor common in most tomato varieties

Taste: The slightly sweet taste of this tomato can sometimes be so mild to a point where it sometimes becomes totally flavorless

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