Schefflera House Plant

by Lorenza
(Long Island, NY)

With regard to my house plant, it stands in a large pot around 5 feet high. It's suddenly losing all it's leaves. We did change it's location the last 2 months to a more low sun room. Could this be causing the problem?
Thank you



Hi Lorenza,
Here's what I can tell you without see the tree or knowing any of your fertilizer, watering, etc. habits.

The Schefflera tree is a pretty forgiving tree but it does need a lot of light. If the tree was doing well, and the ONLY thing that has changed is the light conditions, that I would say that's the problem.

Even though it's been a couple of months, with the strength a schefflera has, it probably took it that long to respond to the change in light.

Unless watering has changed, or perhaps the leaves are turning brown or yellow before they're falling off, than just move the tree to a better light condtition and keep up with watering, etc..

Just don't over-water in a hasty move to rejuvinate the tree. Water the soil until water drains out the bottom, and then don't water again until the top 2" or so of soil is dry.

A few weeks or so, and you should see it start to bounce back regarding its health.

Umbrella Tree

Hope all goes well and write back if you need more help.

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