Pure Box Gardening


I do not want soil from back yard to mix with my container garden how would I go about this? It seems to me that regular landscaping fabric will not suffice.
Thanks for your help.


You're most certainly right...landscaping fabric won't do it.

The only thing you can do to cut off the use of Yard Soil, is to build the box over bricks, concrete blocks, etc. That is no different than what a container garden is. Plants growing in a box...container.

The other thing you could do, is build the raised bed extremely high off of the ground. Some of the plants roots might not grow deep enough to reach the soil of the lawn...however, things like tomato plants would grow into the lawn soil even if the raised bed was 4 feet off of the ground.

Hope this helps or sparks an idea.

PS. I've also seen raised beds that were completely elevated off of the ground...I think they were on legs..

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