Poison Plants


My dog got into my arrowhead plants and ate some. And she also got into my cactus. Are either one of these poison to dogs?


Arrowhead plant IS poisonous to dogs. I'm not for sure how much would need to be ingested before seeking help.

As far as I know, the Candelabra Cactus is poisonous, but I don't believe very many other species of cacti are.

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poison plants
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your help. My dog seems to be ok thank god. I would just die if something happen to her.

Poison Plants Home Remedy
by: Dr.R

I'm a dog guy. Mostly over 70 pounds and mix breeds. I own a German/Labrador mix who's, 5 years already. I will die for him. My dog has been poisoned before and my home remedy, even when one ingredient is not reccomended, works in most of the mild situations.

I mix MILK, olive oil and activated carbon with some honey to boost and protect system. I follow up with a lot of water and watch! I crush aquarium charcoal to a powder and mix it well before diluting with a little(1 cup) milk. If Diarrhea is present, then give HIPOCLORITES to hydrate...watch temperature and watch all night.

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