Planting Tomatoes with Confidence

Next on our How To Grow Tomatoes agenda, is planting tomatoes we've picked out earlier.

First, we must remove the tomato plant from the original tomato container. This is an easy process. However, it can be a little tricky.

What we want to do is upright the tomato plant and lightly tap on the bottom of the container . (Never pull the plant from the container by pulling on the plant itself. This could damage the root system.)

Lightly tapping should free the roots and soil from the container.

If this doesn't do the trick, use an object the thickness of a butter-knife (or something the equivalent thereof) to carefully insert into the sides between the soil and the container.

This should free up the soil enough for the tomato plants to drop out.

Once out, carefully inspect the root system. Note any, what I call, "root-rap-around".

This syndrome is from the tomato plant being too long in the container. The roots have grown to the point that they've started to rap around the pot in a horizontal fashion rather than the roots of the tomato growing naturally....vertically.

If the root system has begun this process, you will need to free up the bound roots.

Simply and lightly, pull the roots away from the bottom center of the plant. Do this on all four sides of the soil.

Now that we have the tomato plant freed from it's container, it's smooth sailin' from here.

We now take our hand, or small garden tool , and scoop to the sides enough soil from the center of the container to create a perfectly sized hole into which the tomato plant will fit.

The hole needs to be deep enough to allow for approximately half of the depth of the plant to be under the potting mix. Why?...You ask!

The part of the stem that's under the potting mix will become part of the root making the plant stronger and healthier for the long run.

Next we simply place the root system into the hole. (Make sure it's plant-side up....just kidding) Lightly pack the potting soil around the plant and "presto" we're finished.

Alright, almost finished.

Lastly for planting tomatoes, we need to water the container and place in a suitable location. I'll touch next on these and some other container gardening tips and ideas for your new tomato plant.

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