Planting Potatoes

by Ardith
(Longmont, Co. USA)

Potato Garden

Potato Garden

How to grow potatoes/facts:

Many people do not know that you can grow potatoes bought from a store!!

Five or Six potatoes will yield about 50-60 plants. All you need to do is select potatoes that have many eyes on them. Eyes are the indentions on the potato that the plant will grow from.


After selecting the potatoes, cut around the eye of potatoes with a large chunk of the potato still attached. Spread the potatoes out on a cookie sheet to dry for about 24 hours. While the potatoes are drying, till a large space in your garden, mixing in compost as you go. Dig 6-inch holes and place the dried potato with eyes up into the hole.

Cover with soil and mound dirt around each hole, until there is a hill. Space each hole 12 inches apart. Water frequently until potato stems are about six inches above ground, then place straw, hay, or grass clippings around each plant. The blanket of straw, hay, or grass will help keep moisture in and bugs and weeds out.

Water usually only once a week after they reach around 6 inches, but give then a good saturation of water. After potatoes stop blooming and start to turn brown, (usually in the fall), use a potato fork or spade and start digging 12 inches from the main stalk to underneath the potato plant. This is so you don't stab too many potatoes.

Pull up the whole plant and potatoes should be hanging right underneath the roots. Some potatoes will be hiding in the dirt around where the plant lived. Dig them out with your hands. In order to keep them from spoiling, potatoes should be stored in a dark, cool place, leaving the soil clinging to them. This keeps the potatoes from going bad too fast.

Potatoes from an organic garden will have more flavor than those bought in a store!!

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