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A Plant Index and Plant Identification Guide showing the best flowers for your Container Garden. Treat yourself to a planter garden and use this flower planting guide as your reference.


Regular gardening host several hurtles that can sometimes be difficult to jump over.

Container planting your most treasured flowers is a great way to master those hurtles and ease the worry of flower care.

Caring for flowers is drastically easier when you don't have to worry about soil-borne diseases, the difficulty of watering plants, and the flowers unique sun needs. (Containers are portable, ya know!)

With that in mind, are you looking to start or add to some of your deck plants, or even spruce up your patio garden? Use this flower index to help you pick out winners for your container growing adventure!


Photo by rightee/Flickr

nasturtium tropaeolum

Nasturtium (Tropaeolum)

Plant grows to 9 inches in height

Requires Full Sun

Blooms All Summer

Photo by daxiang stef/Flickr

Nemesia (Nemesia)

Plant grows no more than 12 inches in height

Full Sun is a Must

Blooms until Frost

Photo by sophiea/Flickr

Ornamental Cabbage Brassica
Ornamental Cabbage (Brassica)

Plant grows to 12-18 Tall and Wide

Requires a lot of Full Sun

Leaves have their best color in Fall and Early Winter

Photo by Eggybird/Flickr

Pansy Viola Wittrockiana
Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana)

Plant grows no more than 8 inches in height

Winter Pansies: Full Sun
Summer Pansies: Some Shade

Summer Pansies: Bloom All Summer
Winter Pansies: Bloom until Frost

Photo by Zanastardust/Flickr

Container Garden Phlox
Phlox (Phlox)

Plant grows to 4-8 inches in height

Requires a lot of Full Sun

Blooms from Summer until Frost

Photo by me'nthedogs/Flickr

Polyanthus Primula
Polyanthus (Primula)

Plant grows to 6-12 inches in height

Full Sun or Partial Shade
( Needs rocks/filler in bottom of Container )

Blooms Late Winter until Spring

Photo by Carl E. Lewis/Flickr

Prince of Whales Feathers Celosia
Prince of Whales Feathers (Celosia)

Dwarf Varieties grow to 10-12 inches in height

Requires Full Sun

Blooms through Summer

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