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Find the best choices for your Container Garden. Browse the suggestions in the Plant Guides Index along with planting info in the Plant Care Guides.

Okay, too many choices for container planting? In the plant guides contained on this site, we'll decide on which ones would be great choices for your container garden.

otted Plants in wheel barrel

For a lot of people, the hardest thing about planter gardening is deciding on what flowers would work best in container gardening pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, etc.

Most planting guides will tell us gardening care information on planting in a typical garden situation.

I feel some flower guides can overwhelm us with too much gardening information.

That's all fine and dandy. However, since this website is all about container gardening, we'll scale everything back to just what we need to know.

What do we need to know??

Glad you asked!

This plant index will discuss:

-The height the plant reaches in maturity.

-The aspect (Full Sun, Partial Shade, etc. requirements).

-How long you can expect the flower to bloom.

I believe armed with this simple knowledge, you can successfully choose, and very importantly, arrange the right plants or flowers for your container growing.

Container Gardening begonias

Most other information, such as spacing for planting and instructions on watering plants, will all be available on the plant information card.

My main goal is to help identify winners for your container garden.

I'll try to include as many container gardening tips as possible throughout the flower index.

It is worth mentioning that I highly recommend Miracle Grow Potting Soil for all of the flowers discussed in the following plant guides-index. Click here to see my reasons for recommending Miracle Grow Potting Mix.

Ready to get started?

But,...Beware!! Knowing this information could lead to extremely, creative container gardening.

Below is our plant identification guides that will show a list of flowers proven to do very well in containers.

Click on the corresponding letters below to find some great suggestions.

Plant Index A-F

A Flower Finder For G-M

A Flower Index For N-Q

Plant Finder R-V

Flower Guides For W-Z

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