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Plant Guides Index with wonderful Perennial choices and a flower planting and care guide to help you along your way. These plant indexes show several perennials that will do very well in your garden and/or container garden.

Most container planters seem to lean more toward annuals for their patio garden, window boxes, etc. However, never underestimate the benefit of having a Perennial Container Garden or even a container garden combination of the two (Annuals and Perennials together).

If you need more information on how to treat Perennials (Over-wintering, etc.), click here to go to the Flower Guide for Perennials home Page.

How to garden in containers using perennials will be a snap if you use the plant finder and plant guide below.

The plant guides index which flowers do well in Full Sun or Shade. The plant guides also inform you of the Bloom Time and the Average Height you can expect the plant to grow.

Using this container garden information can help you identify the best location and combination of flowers for your Perennial Container Garden.

I hope the Container Gardening tips I try to incorporate will help you along your way, and maybe spark a few container gardening ideas.

May great success find its way to your container growing experience!

Photo by Snapper's Pics/Flickr

African Blue Lily (Agapanthus)

African Blue Lily

Plant can grow to over 36 inches in height

Buy Dwarf Variety

Full Sun is Best

Blooms Mid to Late Summer

Photo by KitAy/Flickr

Astilbe Hybrid (Astilbe)

Astilbe Hybrid

Plant grows up to 4 ft. in height

Full Sun Light shade
(Loves damp soil)

Blooms late Spring through Summer

Photo by Kpjas/Flickr

Bellflower (Campanula)


Plant grows, depending on variety, from 3" to 5 ft

Does well in Full Sun or Light Shade

Blooms Mid-Winter to Spring

Container Gardening Tip

Many of the Perennials contained in this flower gardening guide can grow very tall (up to 5ft). Always shop for a dwarf variety of any container garden flower you're interested in. However, don't put aside the avenue of large pots. A 3-5ft tall Perennial could be a grand focal point or anchor for any Container Garden. A large tub or pot will be a must, though.

Photo by Carl E. Lewis/Flickr

Container Garden Coreopsis


Plant grows 24-36 inches in height
(Buy Dwarf Variety)

Loves All Day Sun

BLooms Summer Through Fallbr



Plant grows to 6-39 inches in height

Some Like Sun, some like shade

Blooms from Spring to Late Summer

Photo by Tie Guy II/Flickr

Phlox Subulata

Creeping Phlox
(Phlox Subulata)

Plant grows to 6-12inches in height

Full Sun

Blooms Spring through Summer

Need more choices for Perennial Container Gardening? Find more in this Plant Locator by clicking below.

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