Pictures of Flowers in Containers: Sedum = A, Echeveria =B, Graptopetalum = C

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Pictures of flowers: Sedum = A, Echeveria =B, Graptopetalum = C

Pictures of flowers: Sedum = A, Echeveria =B, Graptopetalum = C

Container Gardening Flowers: Sedum = A, Echeveria =B, Graptopetalum = C

A container of succulents doesn't have to be boring.

Plenty of contrast can be achieved by the use of color, shape and size.

This container uses Sedum Makinoi Ogon.

Bright chartreuse green is the perfect canvas for the rosettes of Echeveria (hen and chicks) in two colors, dark burgundy and gray-green, and Graptopetalum (ghost plant). They all have similar light and watering requirements.

Succulents prefer bright light and some direct sun, slightly moist soil during the summer and warm temperatures in spring and fall. Make sure you provide excellent drainage.

Feed during spring and summer with a liquid cactus fertilizer diluted half strength. They aren't particularly prone to insect problems, but might develop fungal or bacterial diseases if they get too much water.

Echeveria produces small blooms that grow in stalks. They can be pink, orange or yellow. Graptopetalum's blooms are small, yellow, star-shaped, also on long stems. Sedum Makinoi's small yellow-green blooms appear in summer.

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