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As the title says, an inspiring picture of flowers in any setting, could really make the difference in what one comes up with in their design.

I think we're devoting this page to some "out-of-the-box" ideas. Why?

Container Gardening is not just pots, hanging baskets, or window boxes. One can use a lot of different types of containers to plant a lot of different types of flowers, vegetables, or fruits.

When I first started gardening in planters, I was locked into the idea that the containers needed to be the perfect size, the perfect shape, and contain the perfect species of flowers that would coincide with the container's design.

Not anymore!! While those things are always on my mind when designing those showy pieces for the showy spaces, when I want to grow some vegetables in containers, I'll have no second thoughts on using a watering trough or an old trash can!!

Container Gardening Tip:

Don't let Container Water Gardening pass you buy. It's a great and fun way to keep a diversified garden. They look great... and if fountains are included, they can sound great as well!!

Thinking outside of the box is sometimes the easiest and most effective way to get those flowers or veggies growin'!! And that's what it's all about!!

Right??? Oh, Ya!!!!

Container Garden Pictures

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A picture of flowers below in a metal trough is one of the best ways I've ever seen a person (community garden, perhaps?) construct a Container Garden.

Container Garden Water Trough

A water trough is a fabulous way of using an out-of-the-box method to accomplish a magnificent array of flowers.

Whether you have the space or not, after seeing this, there are no excuses.

NOTE: Wisely, one might fill the bottom with rocks or even packing peanuts. (Yep, it works). It would take a very large amount of soil to fill up that "puppie"!!

Container Garden Cactus

Here's a beautiful example of cacti in a very plain, white set of containers.... However, they have kept a great since of style.

Concrete can make a strong and unique statement, especially when arranged into a nice cluster...such as the photo on the right is showing.

Container Garden Succulents

I think all too often, one will tend to lean toward the "flash" of a plant that flowers in pretty blooms. But, my how this photo to the left contains quite a dramatic display without the first bloom.

This should be a high example of what succulents can bring to your container garden. Very beautiful!!

Container Garden Strawberries

Another great container garden idea, is planting fruits and vegetables. On the right, strawberries abound in these simple terra cotta pots. Most anything will be content in containers.

And this shows that if a porch, deck, or patio is all you have... that's all you need. Step out on a limb, plant want you want in your kitchen!!

Container Garden Roses

Roses are among one of the favorites among gardeners and rightfully so. What a superb and beautiful thing to display in your garden.

What happens when you don't have the room??? Container it!! With good fertilizing and watering, roses will do very well in planters!

Container Garden Raised Beds

I think a raised bed is a form of container gardening.

Once again, if space is prohibiting you from growing what you want, then this is a magnificent solution to space limitations.

Most often, vegetables are grown in raised beds, but they work perfectly for any type of flower or fruit!!

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