Pepper Plant

by Trish


Have just bought a pepper plant and have put in a window of my flat (bedroom). What is the best way to look after it and how often do i water and feed?



The best way to look after your pepper plant is to give it plenty of light and water as needed.

The one thing about a pepper plant, is that it will need about 15 hours of daylight per day. Most likely, you'll need to utilize some supplemental lighting. Read more here on how I use ordinary garage shop lights.
Watering is easy. Just watch the top layer of soil. When it is dry to the touch, water. If it's NOT dry to the touch....leave it alone.

Fertilize the plant with some liquid fertilizer bought from any nursery or home improvement store. Just use half the strength is calls for since you'll be using it on indoor plants.
How often?? Go by what the specific brand calls for. Most all brands can differ in the frequency of feeding.

Have fun eating those peppers!!


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by: Anonymous

Thanks for help!

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