Peace Lily Closet Plant Spath

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Closet Plant Spath

Lily Care

Peace Lily
Closet plant
House Plant or Tropical
Water_use_3 Water_use_4 Average to High Water Use
Exposure_3 Exposure_2 Full Shade to Part Shade
4' (120cm) High
4' (120cm) Wide
Moderate Growth Rate

Known by Closet Plant and is the popular American house plant. This lily is a hybrid of a tropical foliage plant. There are many varieties, from small variegated, to very large foliage in deep green.

The upright white spathe flowers are common in floral arrangements, and make fine cut flowers. Caring for the plants is relatively easy.


Care is average. It needs regular watering, and with drying out wilts completely. It will perk up within minutes after being watered. Some browning on the leaf tips indicates damage from under watering.

To grow this lily, you need no direct sunlight, and it actually will thrive in dark corners...hence the moniker closet plant. Keep your peace lily watered and shaded, and it will bloom throughout the years.


The Lily plant has been studied by NASA and determined to

It is also a gift plant, and frequently given at funerals, for the “peaceful” intention to the family.

It is a common florist specimen. When ready to buy, know this attractive house plant is a welcome addition to any home or commercial setting, and easy to maintain. Popular culture has used it in “beta bowls to decorate fish bowls. It can also be used in wet terrariums.


Toxic if ingested...even for pets.

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