Organic Slow-Bolt Santo Cilantro (Coriander) Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Nothing beats having fresh supply of herbs grown right at your very own garden.

The ones you often find at the local market are sometimes stale and expensive. They may be also labeled as 'organic', but there is no telling if this is actually true or not.

If you want to have your own mini-garden of cilantro at home, get this Seeds of Change Certified Organic Santo Cilantro.

Grow 100 percent certified organic cilantro all year round.

This packet includes 200 seeds which are more than enough for a year's supply of this strong scented herb.

The seeds are guaranteed free of GMOs, chemicals and pesticides. They are the slow-bolting variety so you will be able to use more of your herbs before they bolt to seeds.

Harvest cilantros when needed and chop them to add into your salsa or any other dish preparations.

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Easy to grow: Cilantros are not picky with the soil you plant them in. Just see to it they get full access to sunlight

Tightly packed: The seeds are hermetically sealed in a re-sealable bag to give them longer life and higher germination rates

Tested for quality: Seeds are separately tested for high germination rates and purity

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