Organic Purple Petra Basil Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Add sweetness and color to your tomato and pasta dishes with Purple Petra Basil.

The leaves have a nice, mild and sweet taste that is favored by many basil lovers.

The herb has a unique color that will stand out in many dishes.

Add the Basil Purple Petra Certified Organic Seeds to your herb garden for a fresh supply of this ornamental treat.

The Purple Petra Basil is an annual, warm season crop. It is an excellent addition to Italian dishes like pesto, pasta, and salads.

The gentle flavor is preferred by many who dislike the common spiciness brought about by other herbs.

The large dark red to purple leaves will also make a lovely pink-colored vinegar or oil. This 300-gram seed packet is enough to plant four 9 foot rows.

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Low maintenance: Purple Petra Basil is easy to grow and maintain. It can be grown just like any common basil

Heirloom variety: All the seeds in this packet are heirloom seeds which have been handed down for generations

Pretty: Grow this herb right next to your tomatoes. You may also plant them in other areas of the garden as an ornamental plant or pair them with Dwarf Lemon Drop or Bells of Ireland to achieve an eye-popping color combination

Frost sensitive: Basils in general are very frost sensitive. Plant the seeds when temperatures are warm and nighttime temperature are above 50∞ F

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