Organic Purple Coneflower Echinacea Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Echinacea is a traditional medicinal plant native to the midwestern and southeastern United States.

It is often used as borders in flower gardens.

The flowering perennial plant produces blooms that are suitable for cut flower arrangements.

Expect attractive early blooms this summer by growing these Purple Cornflower Echinacea seeds in your garden.

Purple Coneflower is the easiest Echinacea to grow. The robust plant produces cone-shaped, flower heads that are often rose-purple in color with burnt orange centers.

The plant is drought tolerant and usually blooms from July through September.

Aside from Echinacea's decorative purposes, its flowers are also used to make wonderful tea, believed to help the body to fight off colds and flu.

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Ornamental: This Echinacea species is often cultivated for their attractive flowers. It is also used in landscape plantings, as food source for birds and butterflies, and long lasting cut flower arrangements

Medicinal uses: The flowers make excellent herbal tea, and are said to stimulate growth of blood cells and help strengthen the immune system. Pharmacies and health food stores even sell extracts in liquid or tablet forms

Slug problems: Unfortunately, slugs seem to like and feast on this plant. You might want to plant Echinacea together with other plants that slugs avoid such as roses, herbs, and catmint

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