Organic Love-in-a-Mist Nigella Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Flowers are unarguably pleasurable to grow no matter how hard you have to work for them.

Each bloom will give you a totally different satisfaction than any other plant.

When looking for something new and unusual to plant, you should check out the Love-in-a-Mist Nigella from Seeds of Change.

The pleasing blue flowers are the most popular blooms of Nigella. The vivid blue flowers come out from a tangle of fine-leafed, ferny, fast-growing foliage.

The blooms are then followed by an attractive seed pod, almost papery in texture, often used in many dried flower bouquets.

Nigella seed is very popular in ethnic cooking, such as Indian food.

This seed packet will contain 150 seeds that are 100 percent certified organic and free from any form of GMOs, chemicals, and pesticides.

They are packed in an airtight re-sealable bag that gives them longer life and higher germination rates.

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Easy to grow: Simply scatter the seeds and rake it in. Nigella is also not particular with soil quality but make sure it gets full sun to ensure growth success

Quality seeds: The seeds were tested prior to packaging for high germination rates and purity

Short lived: Nigella is a short lived plant. It cannot last throughout the entire growing season. It is advised you sow a new batch of seed every 4 weeks for a continuous bloom

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