Organic Heirloom Brandywine Tomato Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Brandywine Tomato's origin dates back to 1885 and is considered as one of the best beefsteak tomatoes in the world.

There had been a lot of arguments on which tomato is the best, but most tomato experts agree that this tomato variety has the richest tomato flavor.

Brandywine tomatoes are rarely available in local groceries, but you can grow them at home with these Brandywine Tomato Vegetable Heirloom Organic Seeds.

A single bite of this red, ripe, and juicy tomato is enough to keep you hooked.

It may not be the best in terms of appearance, but its mouth-watering taste is magnificently superb. The fruit is fairly large, and the meat is fleshy with small seed cavities.

The fruits are produced by an unusually upright plant with leaves very similar to that of a potato plant. They set fruit one or two per cluster and usually ripen late.

You may pick the fruits even if they still have green shoulders as it tends to crack if you let them stay too long in the vine.

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Superb flavor: The tomatoes can even be served alone because of their sweet, excellent flavor but they can also be used like any other tomato

Needs extra attention: Growing Brandywine Tomatoes requires a little more attention than other modern varieties. You also have to prune and pinch the vines to keep them from getting too tall and leggy

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