Organic Genovese Sweet Basil Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Pesto may be the simplest and easiest pasta to prepare that never fails to satisfy your taste buds.

Although pesto recipes require almost the same ingredients every time, the flavor is different depending on the variety of basil you use.

Grow Seeds of Change Certified Organic Genovese Sweet Basil in your garden and be able to make a flavor-packed pesto like never before.

This tender and classic basil concentrates flavor with fragrance and is recognized as the best pick for pesto in Italy.

The Genovese Sweet Basil has a high leaf to stem ratio and is probably the most productive strain of basil.

The packet includes 200 certified 100 percent organic seeds that are void of GMO's, chemicals, and pesticides.

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Slow bolting: Extend the harvest season with this slow to bolt basil variety

Well packaged: The seeds are hermetically sealed and placed in a re-sealable bag to give them longer life and guarantee freshness

High quality: Seeds are tested individually for high germination rates and purity. They are guaranteed to meet or exceed federal standards

Low maintenance: Just plant the seeds under full sun, water them faithfully, and you will produce aromatic and sweet herbs perfect for pesto and many other dishes

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