Organic English Thyme Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Thyme is a great herb ingredient that no cook should be without.

This wonderful herb is a terrific kitchen necessity to make invaluable seasoning in countless number of dishes.

Rather than constantly buying fresh thyme from the market, grow them in your own herb kitchen garden, or in pots, with this packet of Thyme English Certified Organic Seeds.

This culinary thyme can now be grown right on your garden or windowsill. The gray-green leaves provide that pungent, minty aroma and subtle, woodsy flavor in our dishes.

The seeds will grow the standard thyme which many recipes call for. Thyme is a staple herb for cooks and one of the main ingredients in making ìbouquet garnii.

You may plant the seeds directly into the ground, but it is recommended you start them indoors as the seeds are very small.

This packet is enough to plant 28ft rows. Clip the herb when necessary to keep them fresh right before cooking.

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Easy to grow: Thyme is a pretty easy herb to cultivate. It is an excellent container plant to grow indoors and out. Just make sure you plant or place them in an area where they can receive full sun

Organic: The seeds are certified organic, untreated, and non-GMO. They were also tested for high germination rates before packaging

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