Organic Container Gardening
Makes Total Sense

Organic Container Gardening is in fact, a fabulous way for any gardener to practice green gardening and green living.

Instead of using harmful synthetic fertilizers and insecticides on your container flowers and vegetables, on the market now, are organic versions of these products.

What is an Organic Garden, by the way? Any form of garden that is earth friendly, and a non-threat to humans and pets.

Keep in mind however, Organic Container Gardening isn't really all that hard. Unlike traditional organic gardening where one is re-conditioning large amounts of soil and has many factors to keep in mind to stay organic, organic container gardening is quite a bit easier. It's all about changing a few of our ways.

So set those harmful fertilizers and nasty old insecticides back on the shelf. It's time to make way for a new way of Container Gardening... ORGANICALLY!

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Organic Container Soil

First up, try using something else besides the traditional potting soil.

One suggestion is purchasing an Organic Container Mix. (Click for our reviews, below.)

Another one is, try making your own organic mix by amending your preexisting potting soil.

Lastly, you can make your own organic potting mix from scratch with this formula:

Wear gloves!

  • 2 parts vermiculite
  • 3 parts fine peat moss
  • 2 parts perlite
  • 2 parts manure
  • 3 parts topsoil
  • ½ part bonemeal

Espoma Organic Potting Mix Review

If you have just started on your gardening adventure, it's almost too much to compare your plants to your neighbors or friends who had long been enjoying their gardening journey.

For one, they are more experienced than you.

Gardening techniques and methods cannot be learned in a day, but what you can work on, however, is improving the quality of your potting soil.

Better quality soil will improve your seedlings' chances of survival, and increase the output of flowers, fruit or vegetables from your garden containers.

A practical way to start this is by purchasing a bag of Espoma Organic Potting Mix.

Read reviews of Espoma Organic Potting Mix at Amazon

Espoma Organic Potting Mix: Why We Love It

This potting mix is ideal for both indoor and outdoor plants. It's purely made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to help your plants grow healthier and fuller.

It comes in an 8-quart bag to provide more than enough soil for a large pot. The Espoma AP8 also contains Myco-tone, which is a proprietary blend of 11 different strains of mycorrhizae, which had been found to be effective in promoting root survival and growth and increasing water uptake.

It reduces drought stress, transplant shock and other environmental stress. The Myco-tone had also been proven to improve soil structure and increase fertilizer utilization.

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Espoma Organic Mix: What's Good and Bad

Organic: No synthetic plant foods or chemicals are added to this potting mix, making it safe to use for indoor plants which are normally prone to root decay and critter growth, and for anybody who wants to attempt organic container gardening

Inexpensive: Creating your own blend of good potting soil would cost you more money than just buying a perfected bag of Espoma potting mix

No foul smell: One can tell if the soil is good for planting if it smells healthy enough, which is exactly what you get in this potting mix - the Espoma AP8 simply smells great and rich

Too strong for new plants: The ingredients of this mix might be too strong and can "burn" more fragile and new seedlings

Espoma Organic Potting Mix: Conclusion

Why waste time and money trying to create your own soil mix when a bag of this can do wonders to your plants and save you all the trouble?

Organic container gardening starts with the soil, so give yourself the best base with this excellent product from Espoma.

Keep your plants happy, healthy, and rich.

Going organic is not the easiest decision (there will be times when you will be struggling with pests or disease, for example).

But in the long run, you'll feel great about your choice, and enjoy a great taste from your produce as well.

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Container Gardening Tip

Did you know you can re-use last years potting mix?

However, nutrients will have been depleted from the soil. Merely add an organic fertilizer and/or compost to recharge it.


A superb way, but sometimes forgotten, is to buy plants that are well suited for your area.

Most greenhouses offer many varieties that are disease resistant. The more disease resistant those plants are, the less likely you'll feel the need to use chemicals to fight off possible causes of trouble or death of your plants.

How To Use Organic Fertilizers

Container Gardened plants loose their nutrients rather quickly through soil leaching. So, next on the list.....choose the right fertilizer.

Most synthetic fertilizers are harmful to pets and/or children if contact is made. So, choose an Organic Fertilizer. Most organic fertilizers will do the same as synthetics, but will have no ill affects on the environment, humans, nor pets.

Organic Insecticides

You ever have the funny feeling when spreading insecticides all over your plants, that this just can't be right?

Make the switch!

Espoma Organic Potting Mix is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon
Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer is rated 5 stars on Amazon
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There are many alternatives to synthetic pesticides. A great choice as an Organic Insecticide would be Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis).

When at your local hardware or greenhouse, make sure you know what type of pest or pests your needing to rid your garden of. The personnel at the store can help you pick out the right variation best suited for your needs.

Also on the market, are hot pepper sprays and insecticidal soaps. Any one is a great way to go Organic.

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