Organic Common Chive Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Chives are one of the most important herbs used in the kitchen.

It is also among the top favorite picks by fresh herb growers.

There are many uses for chives - both foliage and flowers are edible and are excellent garnishes for many dishes.

Plant these Certified Organic Common Chives Seeds today, for a container herb garden would never be complete without this herb.

Chives come back year after year. They have beautiful lavender-pink flowers, which give an appetizing pink tint to chive vinegar (recipe included in the packet).

They also look and taste great in fresh salads, chopped and dried to be used on baked potatoes, or left whole and dried for floral arrangements.

The delicate foliage is onion flavored and makes excellent garnish for many dishes.

With a fresh supply of chives nearby, your fish, chicken, vegetable, and baked potato dishes will never lack flavor.

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Easy to grow: Chives are very easy to grow, with very low to almost zero maintenance requirement. You can plant them in almost any soil type and grow them in containers or in sunny windowsill near your kitchen for a year-round supply

High germination rate: Even a newbie gardener will have no trouble growing this herb; the heirloom seeds are guaranteed to germinate quickly

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