Organic Catnip (Catmint) Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

If you want to spoil your pet cat a little, try planting some Organic Catnip Herb Seeds in your garden.

Catnip was introduced to the US by some European immigrants.

It causes euphoria to cats, making them go nuts whenever they are around this herb.

Catnip can cause many different reactions when given to the right cat. Your cat will rub it, roll over it, kick at it, paw at it, lick it, and chew it.

Although it is used primarily for cats, Catnip is beneficial to humans as well.

It can be brewed into a tea to treat fever, flu, colds, and headache. This brewed tea also has a mild, relaxing effect.

The herb smells nice and has a mild flavor. It resembles mint in appearance, with grayish-green leaves and white flowers with fine purple spots. Catnip may be used fresh or dried.

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Easy to grow: Catnip is the easiest herb to grow. You can just sprinkle the heirloom seeds in the garden, water them regularly, and wait for the plants to grow. The herb is also drought tolerant once established

May cause aggressiveness in cats: Consuming too much of the plant may cause drooling, sleepiness, anxiety, leaping about and purring. Some will growl, hiss, meow, and scratch, thereby causing disturbance

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