Organic Bush Roma Tomato Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Roma Tomatoes, also called plum tomatoes, are prized for their perfect texture.

The variety is found in supermarkets, and often available in yellow or red.

They are often grown for canning, but they also make a great fresh tomato for eating.

Have the freshest supply of these wonderful tomatoes for the season by planting these Organic Bush Roma Tomato Seeds at home.

The Roma tomato is an Italian variety popular among tomato lovers. The 3-inch fruits are pear- or egg-shaped, and contain less seed than other varieties.

They are also known to be meaty, plump, with low moisture content, making them a great choice for making tomato sauces.

Roma tomatoes have excellent flavor and are great when eaten fresh as a snack, with a little salt, baked with Parmesan cheese and mayonnaise on top, or tossed into your salad to add color and flavor.

This 200 milligram seed packet is enough for 20 plants, after thinning.

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Prolific producer: The compact plants are very prolific and yield a bountiful harvest of excellent heirloom tomatoes. You may also consider a second planting to double your harvest if you are living in an area with a long growing season

Ideal for canning: This determinate variety has most of the fruits ripen at almost the same time, making it a good choice for canning

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