Organic Bouquet Dill Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

The earliest and most delicious variety of dill is the organic dill bouquet.

It combines the two flavors and smells of parsley and caraway into one herb.

It is also the most widely grown organic dill for fresh eating, flowers and seed heads.

For a regular, fresh supply of dill leaves, plant these Organic Bouquet Dill Seeds at home.

This hardy, annual dill variety forms a compact plant that grows 30-36 inches tall. It has a lovely aroma and produces larger leaf than other varieties.

The leaves can be used as dried herb when harvested before the plant flowers.

The mature seeds make a wonderful spice for many of your dishes.

The dill seeds can be directly planted indoors or outdoors during spring and through the summer or wait at least until after the last spring frost date.

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Organic: All the seeds are certified organic. They were developed and produced by small, independent farms in collaboration with the State Farmers Market Association

High seed production: This dill variety re-seeds itself very well which makes it the best choice for producing more organic dill seeds

Early blooming: This dill bouquet blooms well ahead than the other varieties with large seed umbels and dark green foliage

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