Names of flowers: A = Snapdragon, B = Petunia

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Container Garden Recipes: A = Snapdragon, B = Petunia

Container Garden Recipes: A = Snapdragon, B = Petunia

Names of flowers: A = Snapdragon, B = Petunia

Analogous warm colors combined to create a pleasant, easy to care for container for full sun with minimal care required.

Both snapdragon and petunia are fairly easy to grow from seed.

If you choose to do so, give them a head start by planting the seed indoors about eight to ten weeks before the last frost date in your area.

Petunia seed is very small, but you can either buy the "pelleted" kind, or mix the tiny seeds with sand before sprinkling them on moist seed-growing medium.

Petunia seed needs light to germinate, so don’t cover the seed, just press them down lightly.

The key to success growing plants from seed indoors is good light and air circulation. Growing lights are needed, as is a fan set on low speed, to keep the seedlings from developing fungal disease and growing leggy from lack of light.

A heating mat will speed up germination, but normal indoor temperature will allow petunia to germinate in one or two weeks. Water from below, as not to disturb the seedlings.

Snapdragon seed prefers cooler temperatures to germinate, so a heating mat is not needed. Don't cover the seed, as they also need light to germinate.

You will need to get your seedlings used to being outdoors before transplanting to their permanent home in the garden. Set your seedling flats outdoors during daytime to harden off and bring them indoors at night for a few days.

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