Names of flowers: A = Purple Pansy

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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Container Garden Recipes: A = Purple Pansy

Container Garden Recipes: A = Purple Pansy

Container Garden Recipes: A = Purple Pansy
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Names of flowers: A = Purple Pansy

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Monochrome color scheme in a sturdy glazed container filled with a single variety of pansy flowers.

Imagine the impact a container such as this one could make in a garden during winter or early spring while the rest of the garden rests.

Pansies in general do well in colder weather, but there are specific varieties bred to withstand colder temperatures.

When preparing a container for winter interest, look for pansy plants labeled "winter pansies", or "cold hardy". When preparing a container of winter pansies, consider drainage as the most important factor to keep them alive and happy.

Although pansies require constant moisture, cold temperatures and excess water can lead to root rot. Mixing a little coarse sand with potting mix will ensure good drainage, and avoid problems related to excess watering or rainfall.

Winter pansies will bloom in late fall and early winter, then they might take a rest during the colder part of winter, but will start blooming again in early spring. Deadheading the spent flowers and pinching back will help them stay bushy and produce more blooms.

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