Names of flowers: A = Pansy, B = Petunia

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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Container Garden Recipes: A = Pansy, B = Petunia

Container Garden Recipes: A = Pansy, B = Petunia

Container Garden Recipes: A = Pansy, B = Petunia
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Names of flowers: A = Pansy, B = Petunia

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Placing individual annuals in their own container to create a grouping is effective when you want to grow plants with different growing requirements.

A porch or balcony can become a garden room by simply placing a few containers of plants to make the space more colorful, welcoming and inviting.

If you like annuals that have different light or watering needs, plant them into their own individual containers to cater to their individual wants.

In this case, petunias need more sun than pansies as the summer progresses, so the pansy container could be moved and replaced with another more sun tolerant annual. They are both heavy feeders, so they can benefit from a similar fertilizing routine with bloom buster or balanced formula to keep the blooms strong all gardening season.

Find an element to give unity to the grouping, such as type of container or flowers' color family.

This is a cool color grouping, which can be calming and serene. A warm color scheme will be energizing and stimulating.

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