Names of flowers: A = Pansy, B = Marigold

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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Container Garden Recipes: A = Pansy, B = Marigold

Container Garden Recipes: A = Pansy, B = Marigold

Container Garden Recipes: A = Pansy, B = Marigold
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Names of flowers: A = Pansy, B = Marigold

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Pansies have been garden favorites for years.

They are the first annuals to bloom in spring, and in many areas they bloom even during winter months, playing an important role in container gardening when not much else can provide color.

The one thing to consider about pansies is they prefer cooler temperatures. They can be planted in a sunnier position in cooler areas and require part shade if summers are hot.

They require rich potting mix and constant moisture. There are numerous varieties: single, semi-double, frilled, ruffled. Pick the one that strikes your fancy, since they are available in just about every color, both solid and bi-colored.

If you decide to plant them from seed, keep in mind that pansies planted in midsummer outdoors might not bloom the first year, acting as biennials.

Newer varieties can bloom the same year they are planted. Seeds can be planted indoors, but they require special treatment. Plant the seeds in moist planting medium barely covered, then place the planting containers in the fridge for two weeks.

After two weeks, bring them out of the fridge and place them in a well-lit area, cool area (growing lights might be needed). They should sprout in about a week. Remember that they will have to be hardened off before setting them outdoors in their permanent containers.

Marigolds are easy-going annuals that can be grown easily from seed. Plant them in place when the soil has warmed up. They will be blooming in two months from the time the seed is planted. Deadhead for continuous bloom.

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