My Sweet Little Garden

by Salini Jithesh
(Kottayam, Kerala.India)

I am from India, a country enriched with its culture and history. I am telling you this story form Kerala; "God's own country ".

Kerala is blessed with its natural beauty and vegetation. Here you can easily find a garden in the backyard of any house, but the point is how to keep it well maintained.

I got the guideline from my grandfather who was a farmer. He was a person who worked in the farms for more than 50 years The day I decided to work on a garden, I had a chat with him. The first thing he told me is, "If you love the soil, you will grow gold from it".

So if you are planning to do so, love the soil... love the nature.

First, you have to decide what you want to grow. The decision should be based on the soil nature, availability of the seeds, availability of a fertilizer which is suitable, (try to avoid artificial fertilizer). Try to stick to natural ones... like cow dung, leaf compost, etc .

Now, once you've decided with the above said things, you can locate the place. Then you can plant the seedlings... and care should be given that proper distance should be given between each other.

Now, you have to fix a time when you want to do the farming. The best, is to do it on a regular basis. You can decide how much time you want to spend according to the size of the garden.

The main points to be noted, is to give the correct amount of fertilizer, water and at the correct time.

Enjoy Your Gardening.............

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