My Rose Garden

by Venkatraman.S
(Tiruvannamalai/Tamil Nadu/India)

This is a story about my gardening experiences. I would like to tell how I related my gardening experiences with life. I always fascinate over roses and I always love to grow them. Being a dweller in a suburban area, we have quite a compact place to live in. Gardening remained as a daydream for me for a long time.

Then we moved into a town and got a tiny place to lay out a garden. I tilled the soil and mixed it with a deep red soil and clay. I was thinking that whatever we do, we need the right type of condition to do that. If we want to grow in the right manner, it has to be tilled. My parents did so. I poured water onto the soil, added manures and fertilizers. My parents added what I needed onto my mine. They taught me everything I know.

Then the foundation part of my gardening was over. I bought saplings of rose plants and I planted them. I water and take good care of them. I often examine the growths, observe the color patterns of the buds and the leaves. By this way, a thought flashed through my mind. I remembered how my parents used to take care of me. They used to observe me both in my moral activities and in my studies. Then they will keep a hawk-eye on my health. Give me the best piece of advice that leads me in a good path of life.

For the first time, I saw a flower in my garden. I was spellbound. For the first time when I told my parents about my selection for a job they felt happier than anybody could be in this world.

The fallen leaves serves as a manure for the plants. Likewise I am sure whether they were with me or far away. Their thoughts would reflect in every thing that I do.

Of course! Life is also a gardening of thoughts !!!!

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