My organic tomato farming.

by sajith.G



Organic tomato farming means farming tomatoes without pesticides and chemical organics.

Do you know the fact that tomatoes are the largest pesticide-sprayed vegetable in the world. We all probably came to know the fact about the most deadliest pesticides. The side effects of the pesticides effect our coming generation also. Just ask about the price of organic tomatoes at a market. It's value is much higher as the conventional tomatoes.

This incentive switch the farmers into organic tomato farming. Hence it gives the satisfactory to the farmers in a large extends.

You can grow this organic tomato's in your garden, by simply put down the house hold organic waste as organic matter for the growth to this.

As a major problem for the organic farming, pesticides will be much higher. for this we must us the crop rotation practice,so that life cycle of the pest may broken and you have fever pest menace.Trap crop also effective.

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