My Home Garden

by Sweetu

Flowers in pots

Flowers in pots

The layout of my garden is approximately 50 feet by 30 feet. I have separated it into different patches according to the special varieties of vegetables and flowers that are to be grown. I have taken special care to grow flowers in small flowerpots so that when they are in full bloom they can be positioned in the living room to add décor to the room. In between the vegetable plants, I have positioned rows of herbs like basil, mint leaves and coriander leaves.
The spot chosen for gardening has a good drainage system and the soil quality is good. I have added cow manure to it just before sowing the seeds. The seeds were sown in a small area and kept covered for a few days. It was watered every alternate day. Once the saplings were few inches tall, they were transferred to individual rows.

Special care was taken while watering, as the roots take time to properly hold the soil. The flowering plants were transferred to the pots and the vegetable plant was shifted to the small individual patches that were created.

I avoided using fertilizers like urea and phosphate in large quantities and instead created compost in my backyard. A big terracotta pot was taken and cow manure along with dried leaves, vegetable and fruit peels were added and allowed to ferment for 7 days. This manure is natural and acts as a very good fertilizer. Artificial fertilizers are harmful and sometimes destroy the plants also. Guests visiting me are occasionally green with envy when they see my garden in full bloom. It gives me immense satisfaction when I get up early in the morning and take a walk in my garden. I usually use permaculture farming, as they do not cause any harm to the surroundings also.

An appealing thing is that the basil, mint leaves and corianders in the vegetable garden impart a green color, which gives a rich natural freshness to the garden. The flowering plants also add glamour as it has very many unique combinations of color.

I am very happy and satisfied with my home garden arrangement.

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