Lessons Learned With the Topsy Turvy Planter

by Ellen
(Raleigh, NC)


I'm writing to tell you about my experience with the Topsy Turvy Upside Down Planter. I used tomatoes, as most of the Topsy Turvy users do, and have been for a couple years now. What I have noticed are two factors make a big difference in your success with this kind of planter.

The first problem was that the limited amount of soil means that there was very little water retention. I had to constantly water it since the summers here in North Carolina often reach the high 90's and 100's. When I switched to a potting soil that was specially formulated to retain water longer, there was a great increase in growth.

My second problem seemed to be with my selection of tomato. This was something that I did not figure out for myself. I have to admit that I got a good suggestion from my local hardware store and I would like to pass it on. I have tried Roma, Patio and Bush Beefsteak varieties, but my favorite and most successful have been Homestead 24. They produced a lot more fruit than any other varieties I have tried and the plants seemed to thrive even in the heat. This year I have two Homestead 24 plants and two San Marzano plants. I hope that the San Marzano turn out just as well as the Roma's did!

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