Leaf Curl?

by Kim Kraus
(Sun City Arizona)


Have a tomato plant in a large container.. on the patio in Sun City Arizona , I water it almost everyday, yet the leaves seem to curl . is that too much water? It sits on the east side of my patio, so it gets about 5 hours of morning sun.

Haven't done any miracle grow yet. Its about 2 1/2 feet tall with green tomatoes starting to grow..

Thanks for your help.



Hi Kim,
Most often Tomato Leaf Curl is brought on by excessive heat, too much nitrogen, harsh pruning, or too much moisture. Also, chemicals from lawn and garden companies can cause this problem as well.

If it's been extremely hot there, that's probably your problem if you truly are keeping the soil watered well (which means keeping the soil moist to the touch).

The good thing is, if you can narrow down the culprit and fix it, the problem always goes away.

Good Luck,

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