Leaf Curl on Established Plant

by Linda
(Vancouver BC)


My potted (in Sea Soil) tomato plant is growing and thriving nicely on my very warm patio. I guess it likes that kind of heat. However, even though the fruit is establishing and growing, the leaves are curling. I water every day, sometimes twice a day depending on how hot it's been.

I think my mistake was watering in the evening and sometimes some leaves would get wet, but not the fruit. I've started only watering in the morning but as I said it is sometimes necessary I think to give it a little water in the evening.

I haven't given it any tomato food--should I? Is there anything else that I can do?


First of all, it sounds like you're doing a great job so far.

You are right about the watering as well. Sometimes it's so hot that we have to water in the morning and the evening. If you do water any time, your goal is to only water at the base. Hoping that the water doesn't hit the leaves. If it does get on the leaves, most likely it won't be very much and won't hurt a thing.

Concerning feeding the plant, yes you should. Some potting mixes however, already come with slow release plant food. So try to find out if your mix has it or not. If it's present in the mix and it's effectiveness has ran out, than start using a fertilizer as soon as possible (Miracle Grow Water Soluble Plant Food is a good example).

Lastly, figuring out what cause the leaf curl can be tricky. Try reading more here. These readers have had the same problem.

Good Luck,

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