Is Something Wrong With My Topsy Turvey Plant?

by Ann B
(Jackson, Ms)


I have had my plant for about 2 weeks. It has grown really fast. I water it every day. It hangs on my back patio, & gets a lot of sun. We live in Jackson, MS has been really hot. The leaves are turning down & the plant is trying to turn up towards the sun. This is my first time to ever try to grow anything. Am I doing something wrong.


From what you have described, all seems normal to me. The tomato plant is trying to grow towards the sun. When a plant is planted in a pot or in the ground, we really don't think about why it's standing straight up. The reason is, it's growing towards the sun. SO, even though the tomato plant is hung upside down, it's actually normal for it to start growing upward.

Later in the summer however, you'll probably notice it going down as the weight of the tomatoes start to weight the stems in a downward direction.

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