Is it Too Late For Winter Sowing?

Is it Too Late For Winter Sowing?

It is the end of January here in South Central PA, still very cold. Can I sow now?

Editor's reply: of course! Give it a go. Honestly, so many people have questions about this method, but the obvious point they're missing is...

...What do you have to lose, but a bit of time, and a few seeds?

The same applies to people who ask something along the lines of: "Will this method work with certain types of plant/fruit/veg/flower?"

I say, give it a try! You don't have a lot else going on in the garden at this time of the year...

We live in Montreal, so it's freezing and snowy on and off for most of the winter.

Just give it a go, and use the Comments link below to feed back with your results! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.

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