Is a Topsy Turvy Really Worth It?

by Valentin
(Philadelphia, PA)

For some reason i tend to answer "NO" to this question whenever someone asks me. The number one reason is the constant need to water them. If even one day is missed they will probably wilt, especially if its a really hot sunny day. I think it was a great idea to have an opening at the bottom, for the plant to grow downwards, but maybe there should be a tighter seal so that not much water is wasted.

That being said, after i bought my Topsy Turvy tomato tree last year, in the spring, it DID produce tomatoes. I live in a duplex, and the only spot where i could put the Topsy Turvy planter was on the side, where the sun reaches for only about four hours a day. Maybe it's for that reason that i only got 12 tomatoes out of it. I was expecting much more, but no go.

I think if i was to do it all over again, i would install an automatic timed sprinkler.. I would set it to drip water every 2-3 hours,for five minutes each time (just slow drips). That would reduce the maintenance required and the risk of forgetting to water this planter often.

In retrospect, i would have probably achieved same result if i put a hole at the bottom of a plastic bucket and used some foam around the plant, and suspend the bucket. It's really nothing more than that to it. And that would've saved me about $20.

Would i recommend Topsy Turvy? I can't say for sure.

I have to say i've had better results with traditional gardening methods but that was when i had a house. For the duplex we live in now, this is the best choice, since we just don't have the space for a traditional garden.

This year i planted a new tomato tree in my Topsy Turvy, and moved it to a place with more sun. And now i make sure to water it every morning and every afternoon. Hopefully the results will be better than last year's crop.

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