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Indoor House Plant: Must know information to make sure your indoor flowers thrive. Plus, care and tips for everthing from flowering house plants to cactus house plants.

There is nothing which adds so much sunshine and cheer to the rooms of a house overtaken by winter and all it's snow and ice, as the greenery, color and fragrance of blossoming plants. There's no pastime quite as full of pleasure and constant interest as this sort of indoor gardening; the rooting of small slips, the repotting and watering and watching (watching...that's the part I really enjoy), as new growth develops, and buds unfold.

Some have the magic gift for house plant care, that everything they touch will burst forth and blossom (must be nice!!) Others strive, perhaps too hard, only to gain lesser results. It's hoped that we can aid those of the second kind to figure out their mistakes and enjoy future success....but also to tell the more fortunate ones the way to better results in the work they love.

This won't be technical teaching, but just an attempt to describe the everyday details, tips and techniques that will make having an indoor house plant or plants an enjoyment and a success.

Also, by the use of small glass structures, indoor garden systems, etc. that almost anyone can afford, not only is the scope of winter gardening lengthened, but this method allows the use of fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers all year long.

Sometimes I wonder what's more commonly overlooked, the "green" importance and fun of keeping the house cheerful with an indoor house plant and flowers in winter, or the lack of money it takes to make plants succeed...if one will use the plain and common-sense methods necessary. Too much care is just as sure to make growth slow and sickly as too much neglect.

Hoya carnosa 'Rubra'Photo Credit: Edgeplot

That may be one reason why one frequently sees such healthy looking plants in offices and hospitals, while at the same time it's easy to find leafless and lanky plants in the homes of many people who have lots of time to devote to their plants.

It certainly is true that many houses do not offer very ideal conditions for the healthy growth of plants. It is however possible, in most cases, that these conditions can be changed in such a way they would be more healthy for the indoor house plant to live in.

Don't attempt too much, but don't be happy with too little, when only a slight increase in planning and work will bring such a tremendous increase in results. I feel confident that everyone can have flourishing houseplants and even accomplish growing their own produce indoors.

Find common house plants that do well by clicking here.

Don't forget that during a large part, or even all of the year, one can enjoy of course, flowers in the house, but also vegetables like lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and cucumbers, and others; and also to give the flower and vegetable gardens such a head-start in the Spring that would not be possible otherwise.

With that said, don't be impatient to get to the end results at once!! Don't skip over the pages on soil, manures and pots (you know, the uninteresting things) because you need to know these things to have success. And if a condition of soil, or some tip or technique doesn't seem clear to you now, remember that most likely it will become clear when you actually attempt the technique described.

If you need help on a technique or need to ask a question about a specific indoor house plant, ask it here. We would be glad to help.

Nothing worth while is ever won without a little, and sometimes a great deal, of patients. And beautifying the home through indoor plants will certainly pay off in the end...and certainly be a fun and entertaining experience!!


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