How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden Introduction

Try an Indoor Herb Garden and find that growing herbs is an easy, fun task that anyone, including children, can do. Fresh herbs can make a world of difference in your meals. Instead of buying them at the grocery store and getting too much at once, or a bunch that isn’t as fresh as it could be, grow herbs at home.

Grow a variety or just your favorite, in a window box or on the kitchen counter. It is an easy introduction to indoor gardening.

Growing Herbs At Home: Two Choices

To start your own herb garden you have two options. You can go to your local nursery and purchase some seedlings, or grow your own from seed.  Either way is fine, but if you are a novice the seedlings are the way to go.

Need more in-depth help on growing herbs gardens? Click Here.

Once you have your seedlings at home, you can replant them or for the first season you can leave them in the small plastic pot that they come in.  If you decide to replant them, don't pack in the soil too tightly. Place a small amount of gravel or wood chips at the bottom of the pot for good drainage.

If you want to grow from herbs seeds, follow the instructions on the package carefully and use a container large enough to accommodate future root growth. 

*See the seed kit at the bottom of the page. It's awesome!

Growing herbs indoors requires air circulation. Placing near an open window can provide both the sunshine and air movement that they need to thrive.

If your herbs are growing too large for their pots, you can separate a portion of them (including the roots) and transplant them outside in the spring or summer time. You will double the amount of herbs you can grow.

On the flip side, if you already have an outdoor herb garden, it is a simple matter to take a portion of each plant indoors to have fresh herbs all winter long too.

Read the recommendations and information that comes with your herb plants. Not all are suitable for indoor gardening.

Here's a small list of herbs plants that will do great for your indoor herb garden plans. For a more complete list and in depth help on growing these herbs, click here.

The Herb Bucket: All-in-One Solution

Herbs in a Pail: the easy, all-in-one indoor herb garden!

Want a simple way to get your indoor herb fix?

  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Chives
  • Garlic
  • Thyme

The Herb Bucket is a wonderful way of getting started growing herbs from seeds.

Organic Mixed Herbs (basil, garlic chives, parsley) are all included in this ready-to-go-container. It evens comes with coconut husks in the bottom for drainage!

Place the bucket on the window sill or other sunny place, and you're ready to go. It's really lovely to look at, and makes a very cool gift for the wannabee indoor herb gardener in your life!

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