Indoor Gardening Tips

Indoor Gardening Tips explaining growing techniques, indoor plant pests, house plant food, with lots of house plant pictures to get inspired by.

The aesthetic appeal of having plants inside your house is the reason the majority of people decide to start gardening indoors. Whether you have researched and planned on them or not, there are additional benefits that are derived when a green space is created inside your house.

The decor aspect of inside greenery is a given. Plants add to, and beautify space – indoors and outdoors. The different plant choices available include various colors, sizes, shapes, flowering vs. non-flowering.... this is just the tip of the iceberg.

House Plant Amaryllis

Indoor Plant Amaryllis

Photo By: Galfred

Just as trees and plants are crucial to our air quality outside, plants can provide the same service for you inside your home. By taking in carbon dioxide from our breathing, plants flourish. If you smoke inside your home, plants can help clean the air of the excess carbon dioxide.

Besides the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide, plants will purify the air from other unhealthy elements such as air-bound mold particles. This makes them a natural air filter for your home.

Throughout our indoor gardening tips, it'swell known that gardening is a relaxing past-time. Having an indoor garden will give you the benefit of this relaxation year-round when it is too cold outside to garden.

If you live in an apartment, an outdoor garden may not be possible. Gardening inside is only limited by the amount of space you want to dedicate to it. Beautifying your living space and caring for living plants makes owning an indoor garden a peaceful endeavor.

Another benefit of indoor gardening is you can decide how much time you have or want to dedicate to caring for the plants. If you want a plant that has to be watered less go for a cactus , or if you want the challenge of coaxing a flowering tree to blossom, buy a camellia.

Below, you'll find lots of helpful indoor gardening tips to get you off to the right start! Good luck and enjoy!!

Indoor Garden System

Look no further for the easiest and most economical way of starting an indoor garden. Nowadays, we can purchase indoor garden systems that are complete with everything from A-Z. No running to the store for this or that, you'll have everything you need to get started.

Watering HousePlants

An essential part of house plant health is knowing when and how much to water them. We'll talk about the best ways to find out when they need it and how to make sure they got enough.

Indoor Plant Grow Light

Having enough light for your indoor garden is one of the biggest fights we have to put up with. In our indoor gardening tips, we'll explain and recommmend what needs to be done if a window sill is not delivering as much light as is needed.

Indoor/House Plant Food

Since potting soil doesn't receive the nutrients that outdoor soil receives, our job is too supplement it for the plant. Find out how to go about acting as "Old Mother Nature." Without house plant fertilizer, they are surely doomed!!

Built-In Planters As An Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden With Built-In Planters

Photo By: cocokelley

Indoor/House Plant Pests

Learn the best way to identify and control indoor plant pests. Find out what to do and what not to do to get rid of the "pesky creatures!!"

Indoor/House Plants Pictures

There's no better way to get motivated than visuals!! Dive into our collection of indoor plant photos and be on your way to starting your indoor garden.

Poisonous House Plants

In our endeavor to beautify our home with indoor plants, one common mistake is buying the wrong type... type that is poisonous to humans and/or pets. Browse our list of poisonous houseplants.

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