Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Tomatoes are available in many sizes and colors. Apart from the common red colored ones, there are those that come in yellow, green, brown, white and purple/ black.

When you are tired of growing the same old classic red tomato variety, this pack of Indigo Rose seeds are just what you need.

The Indigo Rose variety is the result of more than ten years of meticulous selection by the company.

Seeds were grown out from promising lines year after year. All the tomatoes were continuously evaluated for color, flavor, and yields.

Indigo Rose is a salad-sized tomato that comes in beautiful eye-catching hues of deep purple to black. The organic, open-pollinated and indeterminate plants produce 1-2 ounce fruits that are perfectly suited for salads, cocktails, and snacking.

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Anti-ageing properties: Red Indigo is the first tomato variety with very high anthocyanin levels. It is a powerful compound with exceptional antioxidant properties that helps fight wrinkles, neurological diseases, diabetes, aging, bacterial infection, cancer and many more

Prolific: The seeds have a high germination rate therefore achieving higher growing success

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