Need Ideas? Container Gardening Flower Methods, Tips, and Videos Await

Need ideas? Container gardening flower tips and videos await you!! Learn that thinking outside the box, (or should I say Container) is a fun and easy way to explore the garden world for container gardening ideas.

Don't be tied down to hanging baskets, store bought containers, or deck planters. Those are terrific, but a garden pot can come in the form of anything!!

We'll find new, imaginative ways to open our minds and creative side.

Using An Old Pitcher and Bowl

And oh yes, I see a Whiskey Barrel Planter and a Rooftop Garden in our future.

We'll also,

You see, there is no right or wrong. If you can think it, you can do it. Find a container that has a good drain hole, fill it with good container mix, and plant your flowers.

Then stand back and watch them grow.... And, have fun in the process!

Map out a container gardening design and you're that much ahead of the game!

So now……sit back, strap yourself in, and hold on for the ride!! We're about to explore some out-of-the-box ideas for container gardening!!

Container Water Gardening

Need a "Splash" of color? Get ready for a wonderful ride!! Try your hand at Container Water Gardening.

Water Garden Plants

Are you just looking for a list of water plants to use in your water feature? Click here to see a list of water plants.

A Whiskey Barrel Planter

Learn why wooden barrels make terrific Container Gardens. Use this guide and video to learn the best and tried method for using whiskey and oak wine barrels.

Container Gardening For Fall

Use fall flowers and plants to achieve Fantastic Fall Displays.

Rooftop Garden

Expand your horizons with these fantastic and eye-opening facts by reading our Rooftop Garden page.

Earth Box

Plan a Garden using an Earth Box. Use it for vegetables or flowers, and you'll be amazed at the turn-out!!

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